About EnteroBiotix

A patient-centred biotechnology company pioneering a new field of science and medicine.

Company Overview

We are a patient-centred biotechnology company developing novel medicinal products for use in infections or diseases associated with imbalances of bacteria in the human gut. We have established, staffed and integrated an ISO-accredited controlled donation facility and a fully equipped state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to manage collection, processing and formulation of medicinal products derived from healthy human donations.

We are focussed on developing first in class medicinal products for use in currently unmet clinical needs such as C.difficle infection. In parallel with this, we are using our niche platform to enhance faecal samples with the intention of addressing other diseases and infections associated with imbalances of bacteria in the gut. We are also advancing programmes with our network of collaborators to generate datasets from studies where the microbiome is being manipulated to identify useful associations between microbial signatures and clinical response.


Our Vision and Values

We believe that the microbiome is the next big frontier of medicine and our vision is simple: to work together to improve the lives of patients through sound science and pioneering medicines.

We are patient-centred in our quest to create value for our stakeholders and society, putting patients at the heart of everything we do.

We foster collaboration at every possible opportunity. As a company, EnteroBiotix does not work alone. We know that in order to achieve our mission we must form alliances and create partnerships.

We embrace innovation throughout our supply chain and product development. We look at our products as part of the overall patient experience, working in close partnership with our suppliers and healthcare providers to ensure we deliver the most effective therapies for patients and clinicians.

We believe in ownership at EnteroBiotix. We trust our employees and empower our staff to take full responsibility for their workload. In return, we provide flexible working arrangements and foster an inclusive, friendly working environment.

Our Team

  • Dr. James McIlroy
    Dr. James McIlroy CEO

    James is the founder and CEO of EnteroBiotix, leading the company from its inception to where it is today. Alongside his duties at EnteroBiotix, he is a part-time NHS junior doctor.  While studying medicine, he was awarded an Enterprise Fellowship by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and a Visiting Research Fellowship by United European Gastroenterology. In 2017, James was named as one of the Ten Outstanding Young People in Scotland by Junior Chamber International, Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by Business Quarter and Young Pioneer of the Year by Herald Scotland.

  • Gregor Russell
    Gregor Russell COO

    Gregor is Chief Operating Officer at EnteroBiotix. He is a thirteen-year veteran of the Scottish life sciences industry and is a Saltire Fellow. In his previous role as Director, board member and commercial advisor at Innova Partnerships Ltd, he helped support and growth several early-stage Life Science businesses.

  • Christopher Mosedale
    Christopher Mosedale Research and Innovation Manager

    Chris is the Research and Innovation Manager at EnteroBiotix. Recently completing the Saltire Fellowship as one of the youngest Fellows to date, he has an active role in furthering the EnteroBiotix vision and its platform and pipeline. He studied biotechnology at the University of Glasgow and has been with the Company since it was founded.

  • Nicolas Robinson
    Nicolas Robinson Production Manager

    Nic is the Production Manager at EnteroBiotix. He has over 20 years of experience in cellular therapies and the manufacture of medicinal products. He previously led the setup and development of peripheral blood stem cell processing, storage and transplant within a quality management system on the Aberdeen Blood Transfusion Centre site, which was one of the first to be audited for stem cells by the MHRA and then later HTA.

  • Kimberley Sim
    Kimberley Sim Senior Healthcare Scientist

    Kimberley is a Senior Healthcare Scientist at EnteroBiotix. Since graduating in 2008, she has acquired extensive experience in academic research at the University of Aberdeen where she specialised in Flow Cytometry and also commercial research through her position as Research Scientist for 4D Pharma plc.

  • Vlad Masalski
    Vlad Masalski Healthcare Scientist

    Vlad works as a Healthcare Scientist at EnteroBiotix. He holds an Honours Degree in Zoology and a Masters degree in Immunology from the University of Aberdeen. Vlad is a multilingual speaker and in addition to English, he also speaks Russian and Lithuanian.

  • Aleksandra Kowalczuk
    Aleksandra Kowalczuk Quality Controller

    Aleksandra works as Quality Controller at EnteroBiotix. She graduated with a Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Aberdeen. Following her graduation, Aleksandra joined the Advanced Therapeutics division of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Services where she was involved in GMP production of cellular therapies and assisted with stem cell transplants.