About EnteroBiotix

Our Mission

Our mission is to harness the therapeutic potential of diverse and intact donor-derived microbial communities to redefine the way we treat disease and improve health and wellbeing.

Our Story

EnteroBiotix was established in 2017 by our Founder Dr James McIlroy and a small entrepreneurial team That team forged several important collaborations with research institutions, established a supply chain and became the first company in Europe to obtain a manufacturing license from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for donor-derived microbial processing capabilities. The company manufactured and distributed a first generation donor derived product on a named patient basis to hospitals in the UK and the EU for use in patients with recurrent and refractory C.difficile infection with positive outcomes reported in critically unwell patients. This progress was made possible by the strong support of Scottish and other UK-based institutional investors.

More recently, the company has attracted seasoned Life Sciences Executives, has revised its focus and raised additional funds. EnteroBiotix now holds two licenses from the MHRA, enabling the company to manufacture unlicensed and investigational medicinal for use on a named patient basis and in interventional clinical studies. The company is seeking to apply its products to a range of indications.