Aberdeen, Scotland – EnteroBiotix, a privately held Scottish biotechnology company focused on using the body’s own microorganisms to prevent and treat disease, recently welcomed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood to its pioneering manufacturing facility and laboratories in Aberdeen as the firm progresses towards commercialisation of its products.

EnteroBiotix founder & CEO Dr James McIIroy shows the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon around the EnteroBiotix facilities

Founded in 2017 by recently qualified doctor at the University of Aberdeen, 25-year old Dr James McIlroy, EnteroBiotix develops faecal derived products for patients suffering from diseases associated with bacterial imbalances in the intestinal gut.

The Company’s novel medicinal products build on the clinically proven strategy of faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). FMT is the process of transferring bacteria from the gut of a healthy donor into the gut of a recipient to restore a healthy balance.

On the occasion of the First Minister’s visit, EnteroBiotix announced a pioneering collaboration with the Academic Health Science Partnership in Tayside and National Health Service to accelerate and catalyse the adoption of its product line by NHS Tayside.

The collaboration will involve clinical studies, a health economic analysis and the development of a business case for use of EnteroBiotix’s advanced products.

EnteroBiotix founder and CEO, Dr. James McIlroy, said: “The facilities and resources now available to us are game-changing for the company and our product pipeline.

“We now have a platform to develop products for patient use and clinical trials and our collaboration with NHS Tayside and the Academic Health Science Partnership gives us an enormous advantage moving forward as we look to establish ourselves as one of the main players in the fast-moving and exciting field of the microbiome.”

First Minister for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, said: “Scotland has a thriving life sciences sector that is renowned globally for innovation and its contribution to pioneering treatments for patients with serious medical conditions.

“Scottish companies like EnteroBiotix are testament to this. The research undertaken at this new facility will have a massive impact on future medical treatments for patients both here in Scotland and further afield.

The Scottish Government recognises the importance of creating the right environment to allow innovative companies, such as EnteroBiotix, to prosper and I’m pleased the Scottish Government, through Scottish Enterprise, has provided the support for them to grow.”

Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Catherine Calderwood, said: “It is vital that new clinical treatments are developed to meet patient needs and EnteroBiotix is a good example of this. I welcome the announcement of their new partnership with NHS Tayside which will help progress this important research further.”

About EnteroBiotix
EnteroBiotix is harnessing the human microbiome to develop novel medicinal products that restore health and prevent disease. The company’s first focus is to unlock the full therapeutic potential intestinal microbiome transfer through two core product portfolios targeting gastrointestinal diseases and infections caused by bacteria such as C.difficile. EnteroBiotix has established deep operational experience and capabilities, including fully integrated ISO-accredited microbial collection and GMP-compliant clean room manufacturing facilities under a manufacturer’s specials license (License Number: MS 49464) and an MIA (IMP) license (License Number: MIA(IMP) 49464) from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Since its formation in March 2017, EnteroBiotix has raised over £2.5m in seed investment and has distributed its market entry, minimally manipulated medicinal products on a named patient basis around Europe. EnteroBiotix has offices in Aberdeen, Scotland, and Boston, USA.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. James McIlroy, CEO


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