Information for Clinicians

Partnering with EnteroBiotix

EnteroBiotix has products available for use on a named patient basis and for interventional clinical trials as an investigational medicinal product (IMP).

These products are manufactured using donor material derived from rigorously screened donors that meet key inclusion criteria outlined in UK/EU consensus guideline publications. Donations are collected in a controlled ISO-accredited collection site and material is manufactured in an MHRA licensed GMP-compliant clean room facility by trained operators. Products are only released after meeting specified release criteria. EnteroBiotix has experience in distributing products to hospitals across the UK and in the EU. 

MHRA ‘Specials’ License 

MHRA MIA (IMP) License

EnteroBiotix also has an encapsulated and orally administered formulation in development. To find out more, please click the button below to register your query. All information will be handled securely.