Manipulated Microbiota

Manipulated Microbiota

Our manipulated microbiota products are being developed on the premise that the efficacy of FMT in diseases and conditions beyond C.difficile infection can be enhanced by combining donor derived microbiota with other medicinal products or substances that have been rationally selected. These manipulated microbiota products target diseases and infections which are currently underserved by standard of care medications and where FMT has shown promise.

We are initially focused on treating multi-drug resistant organisms that inhabit and infect the intestinal tract.

Traditional antibiotics kill bacteria through a singular and non-specific mechanism of action, which means that they damage both good and bad bacteria within the body. Antibiotic-resistant pathogens gain a competitive advantage during antibiotic treatment, as the commensal bacteria within the gut microbiome that normally suppress invading pathogens, both directly by competing with the pathogen and indirectly by stimulating the immune system, are depleted.

Using proprietary systems, technology and processes, our uniquely positioned platform allows us to combine highly engineered, precision antimicrobials with rigorously screened microbiota to create first-in-class medicinal products targeting antibiotic resistant infections. 

In contrast to traditional antibiotics, which exert their therapeutic effect through a singular mechanism of action, these products will achieve their therapeutic effect through several mechanisms of action and will reinstate colonisation resistance in the gut microbiome of the recipient.

We believe that we are the only company in the world with the capabilities, know-how and technology to develop these products. Our initial focus is on multi-drug resistant organisms but our platform is flexible and could be used to develop products for additional indications.