Our Focus and Approach

EnteroBiotix was established to unlock the full therapeutic potential of FMT through three core product portfolios targeted at different diseases.

Our ‘minimally modified’ microbiota products are available for clinicians to use to perform FMT in recurrent C.difficile infections and potentially other diseases.

Our modified microbiota’ product candidates are an entirely novel class of medicine for use in diseases and infections that FMT has shown promise in, with a specific focus on antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Our ‘function to therapy’ platform seeks to use the data we generate from our product treatments to elucidate how FMT works, with a view to isolating the active ingredients and developing them as next generation therapeutics. 

Minimally modified microbiota

Our minimally modified microbiota product portfolio are off-the-shelf and ready-to-use preparations intended for use in Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT).

These products can be distributed to clinicians for use in FMT on named patient basis as part of our compassionate use programme.

We currently have two products available, both of which are produced under a license from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). 

Modified Microbiota

Our modified microbiota products are an entirely novel class of medicine, targeting diseases and infections where FMT has shown promise.

Our initial focus is on hard-to-treat and harmful organisms that are highly resistant to antibiotics (known as antimicrobial resistance or ‘AMR’).

In contrast to traditional antibiotics, these products will achieve their therapeutic effect through several mechanisms of action and will reinstate colonisation resistance in the gut microbiome of the recipient. 

Why focus on AMR?

“We have reached a critical point and must act now on a global scale to slow down antimicrobial resistance” – Professor Dame Sally Davies, UK Chief Medical Officer.

AMR is a serious and growing problem that can affect anyone, of any age, in any country.

Antibiotic use is rising, while the development of new antibiotics has slowed drastically. The devastating effects of AMR are already seen across the planet, with the emergence of bacteria that are resistant to all known forms of antibiotics.

A UK government report chaired by Jim O’Neill estimated that AMR claims at least 50,000 lives each year across Europe and the US alone. The same report estimated that in 2050, 10 million people will die from AMR, with an estimated economic cost of 100 trillion USD.

Our approach

Through our unique, MHRA-licensed site and microbial therapeutics platform, we are manufacturing and distributing our minimally manipulated medicinal products nationally and internationally for the benefit of patients.  

We are leveraging this platform, our know-how and proprietary technology to develop and advance our manipulated microbiota product candidates through pre-clinical and ultimately clinical development. 

We believe that these products will be effective against the toughest forms of antibiotic resistant bacteria and because they work through more than a singular mechanism of action, it will be harder for bacteria to develop resistance against them in the long term.