Our Focus and Approach

Our Work

Our aim is to restore health and prevent disease using diverse viable, donor-derived microbial communities. These drugs build on earlier clinical experience with traditional faecal microbiota transplantation. We have established field leading microbial collection, manufacturing and distribution capabilities which enable the development of novel intestinal microbiome medicinal products (IMMPs) that contain diverse and viable communities of microbiota derived from rigorously screened and healthy human donors. We have established a supply chain and chain of custody from donated starting material through to final product formulation. We have substantial operational experience and know-how, having manufactured over 200 GMP batches successfully. 

Our IMMPs are intended to restore microbiome diversity and function in hospital patients. The company’s first generation intestinal microbiome medicinal products (IMMPs) are currently available for clinicians to use in recurrent/refractory C.difficile infections and potentially other diseases. In parallel with this, EnteroBiotix is developing second generation products in partnership with other commercial and academic entities. Our interests lie in diseases in which disruptions to structure and function of the gut microbiome are closely linked to disease pathogenesis, pathophysiology and severity. 

We are also developing a suite of analytical tools, methodologies and capabilities that enable the evaluation of the product-microbiome-patient interaction. When taken collectively, our operational experience, current and pipeline capabilities, proprietary technology and know-how, position us well to develop and advance this new generation of therapeutics. 

Licensed platform capabilities

ISO:2008/2001 accredited collection facilities and MHRA licensed manufacturing capabilities
>200 GMP batches produced

Maturing product pipeline

Named patient treatment
Clinical interests in infectious diseases and gut brain interactions