Our Platform

Our platform integrates expertise in microbiology, bioprocessing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Integrated collection, stabilisation and processing

We are collaborating with an ISO-accredited controlled donation facility within the Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health and are establishing our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in the heart one of the largest medical campuses in Europe. Our facility houses a cleanroom with isolator technology and dedicated quality control areas. We leverage systems and processes that have been established and validated in the field of cellular therapies that can easily be scaled up or down to meet changing product demand.


From donor to patient

Our immediate aim is to manufacture therapeutic products derived from healthy, tested and qualified donor microbiota that meet the requirements of competent authorities and guidance legislation in relation to medicinal products. If you are interested in becoming a donor then please get in touch.

From patient to patient

In addition to manufacturing therapeutic products derived from healthy donors, we also have the capacity to manufacture autologous (using a person’s own bacteria) microbial therapeutics using our standardised, quality controlled and quantifiable processes.


Advancing technology

In collaboration with our scientific and commercial partners, we are developing and validating several forms of technology that will reduce the personal costs associated with processing as well enabling site-specific delivery, patient-friendly administration and increased product shelf-life. Learn more about our developments here.