Our Story

Committed to dramatically improving healthcare for hospital patients. 

Several years ago while studying medicine at the University of Aberdeen, our Founder Dr James Mcilroy, was browsing through some medical journals when he came across a research paper that went on to change his life forever.

In the paper, researchers described how they had successfully cured a life-threatening gut infection by transferring bacteria derived from a healthy donor stool into the intestinal tract of the patient. The concept surprised and intrigued him, but the outcomes were what really caught his attention, with over 90% of the patients that received the stool transplant being free from the infection.

Inspired, he rapidly investigated the concept, and realised that this medical treatment, now known as Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT), and associated developments in the understanding of the role of the microbiome on human health, had the potential to revolutionise many areas of medicine.

The treatment was performed using a tube that went up the patients nose and into their small intestine. He wondered if it could be possible to create other less invasive, more efficient ways to deliver the bacteria – for example, in a capsule that people can easily swallow? He also wondered if it might be possible enhance the effectiveness of FMT by combining the donations with rationally selected substances. Finally, he envisioned a world where one day scientists could identify the active microbial components in human stool so these could be manufactured to remove the need for donations altogether.


EnteroBiotix’s birth year

£2.5 million

Funding raised so far

Aberdeen (UK), Boston (USA)



Employees and Directors

James formed EnteroBiotix in March 2017 to try and answer these questions and to expand access to FMT for hospital patients around the world. Alongside being a full-time medical student, he built the EnteroBiotix from his initial inspiration to become an MHRA-licensed, fully-integrated biopharmaceutical Company that manufactures medicinal products that are distributed to hospitals internationally. 

James graduated from medical school in June 2018 with a distinction in his final year and the Elective Prize in Child Health. He now works as a Junior Doctor in the NHS in parallel with his role as President of EnteroBiotix. 

To this day, James still remains as enthused about the potential of the work that EnteroBiotix is doing as he was on day one of the Company’s existence.