Modulating the human microbiome to address important unmet clinical needs

EnteroBiotix harnesses bacterial communities derived directly from the human gastrointestinal tract to prevent and treat disease.

What is the microbiome?

We believe that the microbiome is the next big frontier in science and medicine.

Emerging therapies from the microbiome

New research is allowing doctors to treat a wide range of diseases by tapping into the power of the microbial populations flourishing inside the human gut.

Our Platform

We are working towards developing novel medicinal therapies based on live microbial communities for currently unmet clinical needs.

About EnteroBiotix

We are a multi-award winning biotechnology company that was formed to support doctors modulate the human microbiome to address important unmet clinical needs. We are pioneers in an emerging field of science and medicine that is focussed on harnessing the power of microbial communities to prevent and treat disease.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is strategically located in the heart of the University of Aberdeen’s health science complex, one of the largest healthcare campuses in Europe. We are an integrated biotechnology company with GMP, regulatory and quality functions in-house. Our growing team is working alongside a range of scientific and partner organisations to enable us to develop and release our medicinal products to patients in a capital efficient and regulated manner.


Our Vision and Values

We believe that the microbiome is the next big frontier of medicine and our vision is simple: to work together to improve the lives of patients through sound science and pioneering medicines.

Our committed and talented team values collaboration, innovation, ownership and the patients we strive to serve. We work hard to maintain our values in order to create a friendly, collaborative and enjoyable place to work.

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