Harnessing the therapeutic potential of intact, diverse, donor-derived microbial ecosystems to prevent and treat disease
We believe that this approach is likely to succeed because of an expanding evidence base supporting the effectiveness of contemporary human microbiota transfer in a range of diseases, as well as data generated using analytical methods that describe changes to microbiome structure and function in illness.
Developing and advancing Intestinal Microbiome Medicinal Products (IMMPs), a novel and promising therapeutic approach
IMMPs are standardised and diverse donor-derived microbial formulations that are manufactured using controlled starting material with validated and reproducible processes and released according to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) under a license from a competent authority.
Licensed capabilities underpinned by an established supply chain, validated chain of custody for starting material and an experienced team
EnteroBiotix have substantial operational experience and know-how in relation to the manufacture of intestinal microbiome medicinal products, having manufactured >250 GMP batches successfully within its facilities that hold two licenses from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Harnessing the power of the human microbiome to prevent and treat disease.

We are leveraging the untapped potential of the human microbiome to develop novel medicinal products that restore health and prevent disease, with a specific focus on drug-resistant bacterial infections.

Our approach

EnteroBiotix is developing novel microbiome modulating drugs designed to restore health and prevent disease through diverse and viable donor-derived microbial communities. These drugs build on the science and evidence base underpinning human microbiota transfer, which studies have shown to be a remarkably effective therapeutic intervention for a number of challenging diseases and infections.

We have established deep operational experience, an international hospital and clinical network, integrated microbial collection and MHRA-licensed operational capabilities.  Our whole community microbiome product has been successfully distributed for use in hospitals in the United Kingdom and European Union with positive outcomes reported in patients. We have manufactured over 200 MP batches of whole community products.

For clinicians

Our integrated collection and manufacturing capabilities support interventional clinical trials under an MHRA MIA(IMP) license as well as named-patient treatment under an MHRA ‘Specials’ license. All donated material is obtained from rigorously screened and healthy donors that meet up-to-date inclusion criteria published in consensus and regulatory guidelines. EnteroBiotix has successfully distributed products to patients in the UK and the EU.